From the very start, It was always our aim to make the Continuum as sensitive as possible. Through extensive research and development, and over many years we reached the ultimate evolution of sensitivity, we call it 'Light Action'!

Over the evolutionary period of the Continuum, we found new internal surface reading components. These new components allowed us to produce a more sensitive and wider range reading of the movements on the playing surface. This new action which we believe is an industry leader is in all modern day Continuums, and also in a modified implementation in the ContinuuMini.

People who initially play the Continuum tend to think they need to attack the surface with force. As they come to learn the subtleties of the Continuum surface they are surprised at how little pressure is needed to start and control the sound.

The human hand is amazingly sensitive and responsive; that is why beautiful sounds can be produced from a violin. Unfortunately, most musical electronic instruments do not take advantage of this. Creating musical gestures with very little pressure is a wonderful thing. The Continuum 'Light Action' has been years in development. This technology brings to you an instrument that can exploit low-pressure subtleties in movement. This makes for a much more satisfying, gesturally-enhanced playing experience. One in which you will feel a real connection between yourself and the instrument.