Haken Continuum Users Group


Please consider joining the Haken Continuum Users facebook group. It was started by long-time Continuum player Sally Sparks — just ask for access when you go to the group. This is the best connection between Continuum players, a good place to post performances, ask questions that are not answered in the Continuum User Guide or EaganMatrix User Guide, or to share ideas.



If you would like to meet like-minded people, listen and learn Continuum style, meet the makers and generally have a good time, then come to ContinuuCon! More information about ContinuuCon here!


Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud

Edmund Eagan, Rob Schwimmer, Eric Mouquet, AR Rahman, Peter Pringle, Jordan Rudess, Benedict Slotte, Franz Danksagmüller, Mehmet Sanlıkol, and many other already-famous and not-yet-famous Continuum players have performances on Youtube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud.  Search for Haken Continuum to start looking for your musical style.

If you are looking for introductory videos for EaganMatrix editing, you might check out Richard Kram’s youtube channel.