The Continuum Fingerboard Feature List

◉ A class-leading, ultra-expressive, three-dimensional polyphonic playing surface that has a tactile feel like no other instrument.

◉ Evaluates a high-speed stream of performance data to capture details of finger attack trajectory like no other electronic instrument can.

◉ A leader in ultra-fast performance response regardless of polyphony. Achieved by data scanning the entire playing surface every 330 microseconds; crucial for smooth, uninterrupted, gestural playing.

◉ Direct control over external synths with its Implementation of MPE+, and can be integrated into an Analog Modular workflow with a CV converter.

◉ Instantly enjoyable to play, while also providing a lifetime of learning new playing techniques. In perfect union with the endless, rich sonic possibilities of its EganMatrix sound engine.

◉ An exotic but easy-to-access internal sound engine, employing Subtractive Synthesis, Physical Modelling with Modal Filter Banks, FM, Spectral Sets with Micro Analysation, including Waveguide with Feedback and Feedback Delay Networks.

◉ Internal sound generator specifically designed to take advantage of the expressive possibilities of the Continuum with up to 24 voice polyphony. Programmable via the Continuum Editor program.

◉ The revolutionary sound engine and playing surface provide an acoustic-like playing experience unmatched by anything on the market today.

◉ Configurable via surface interaction, external computer editor, or Midi input.

◉ Pitch resolution allows for seamless polyphonic glissandi and the ability to microtune intervals on the fly.

◉ Internal pitch processing allows for optionally rounding finger positions to equal temperament, just, and user-definable scales. This rounding is intelligent, accurately preserving vibrato and glissandi effects.

◉ Pitch processing allows for scalable and non-linear pitch mappings of the Continuum surface.

◉ Innovative dual pedal support, including “dynamic” sustain and sostenuto, allowing for continuous depth control of sustained notes. (ContinuuMini is limited to one pedal.)

◉ Mono modes allow multiple fingers (within a user-specified pitch interval) to create one note. Possibilities include pressure-weighted portamento, step transitions, legato transitions, or retrigger between fingers. (Not available for ContinuuMini.)

◉ Direct integration with the Continuum Voltage Converter (CVC) for control of analogue synthesizers. Each of the CVC’s 16 control voltages has a user programmable formula.

◉ Configurable Midi split for playing surface zone setups.

◉ Highly optimized 15 voice Midi data output using MPE+.

◉ Advanced communication to hardware from Symbolic Sound Corporation.