Ondes Martenot: Touche

In this composition, Edmund Eagan uses his left hand not to play notes, but to provide additional control over the X,Y,Z provided by each finger in the right hand. His left hand is in a region of the playing surface that he has defined as the “Touche” within his EaganMatrix sound design.


Trautonium: 2-formant Synthesis

Edmund Eagan’s stark but beautiful sound design for this video consists of a sawtooth passing through two bandpass filters, with fine finger control of the sound parameters. This video was inspired by the Jupiter Mission section of 2001 A Space Odyssey; the canon is based on Katchaturian’s Adagio that Kubrick used in the opening of this segment. Performed using the Continuum Fingerboard’s built-in EaganMatrix sound engine, and visually overlaid with midi data from the Continuum as well as Edmund Eagan’s performance placed inside the eye of HAL 9000.

Trautonium: Pressure-sensitive Suspended Plate
Ondes Martenot: Innovative Acoustic Resonator

This video of Haken Audio’s Gesprächskonzert at SuperBooth 2018 shows Edmund Eagan and Chistophe Duquesne playing Continuum and ContinuuMini. The ContinuuMini is a simplified instrument in the Continuum family, with a Trautonium-inspired suspended plate internal to its playing surface. In the second half of the video, Ed and Christophe use Ondes in place of speakers. The Onde is like a guitar body but instead of a bridge transferring vibrations from strings, the Onde has actuators transferring vibrations from the EaganMatrix. More information about the Onde and La Voix du Luthier can be found here.