The ContinuuMini

The ContinuuMini is the latest exciting creation from Haken Audio and has been designed to be a portable, flexible and a more affordable version of our larger family of Continuums. The ContinuuMini is fun to play and delivers it’s own unique and rewarding musical performance experience. It has exactly the same sound engine as the full sized Continuum Fingerboard, delivering the same level of sound quality that Continuum owners have come to love and enjoy. The ContinuuMini is a complete and self-contained instrument, requiring only USB power and an audio output. Preset changes, octave switching, and system menu operations are all available within the unit without the need for a computer connection. If you're looking for a small device to deliver exciting sonic performances with the utmost gestural sensitivity, with the added ability to control external equipment. Then the ContinuuMini is a must-have instrument for your live performances and creative studio work.


Kickstarter price of ContinuuMini $549.00 plus shipping - Kickstarter Date TBA

Craft your sound and style using it as a stand-alone instrument, integrate it into your modular synth workflow with CV controllers, or hook up the midi out to whatever you want to control! The Continuum is a truly versatile instrument for both studio and live performance. Flexibility is key, due to its robust bi-directional implementation of MPE+, the ContinuuMini can control external synths or be played by external Midi controllers.


Manufactured by Haken Audio, the Continuum has slowly evolved over many years by its hardware designer Dr. Lippold Haken, and software sound engine designer Edmund Eagan. The DNA of this design evolution has been passed forward into the new ContinuuMini, making this an incredibly powerful music creation tool. The ContinuuMini is a musical instrument that allows unprecedented real-time performance control. It offers continuous control in three dimensions when a finger is placed on the playing surface. Controlled by a modified version of Light Action, it has the agility of the original but a different feel to the touch which is more in keeping with its size. The playing surface can track up to 2 simultaneous fingers giving duotactic playability, though primarily the ContinuuMini is played with a single finger at a time.  The playing surface controls the 8-voice polyphonic EaganMatrix sound engine, allowing build-up of polyphony for timbres with long releases. Based on similar design philosophies as the Continuum Fingerboard, the ContinuuMini is a unique playing experience. This brings something very different to the table in terms of quality and playability. Unparalleled in its ergonomic tactile feeling under your fingers, the playing experience will draw you into using it time and time again. Every nuance of finger movement is captured and translated into sound through interaction with this highly optimized playing surface. Combine this with the complete control of the fully programmable EaganMatrix sound engine and it opens up a new world of sonic possibilities.


Designed and Invented by Edmund Eagan, the internal EaganMatrix sound engine is incredibly sophisticated but easy to use. The EaganMatrix takes advantage of the subtle and dramatic expressive musical possibilities of the ContinuuMini's playing surface, offering something unique in terms of playability. This combination of hardware and software have slowly evolved together, fusing over time to become a holistic instrument. The freedom of the matrix design and deep modulation structure allows for unprecedented integration with the playing surface. This allows complex sound modulation to be assigned and mapped to the detail of your finger movements. These two major components come together to form the most expressive digital musical instrument ever made. The EganMatrix has very deep synthesis technologies under the hud to create very unique sound experiences. Ed has slowly evolved the software into something unique in terms of the types of synthesis topologies that are combined in union. Subtractive Synthesis, Physical Modelling with Modal Filter Banks, FM, Spectral Sets with Micro Analysation, including Waveguide with Feedback and Feedback Delay Networks are all at work for you here. This complex union of synthesis is what makes the EganMatrix a unique proposition in terms of digital sonic exploration. Take this and marry it with the most expressive surface available and you have a juggernaut of a sound creation tool. More information on the EaganMatrix here…


Dr. Lippold Haken started development over 35 years ago on what was to become the modern-day Continuum Fingerboard. Today, the Continuum has established itself as the premier multidimensional controller surface ever designed. It has been in the vanguard for expressive control ever since it’s inception as a commercial product at the beginning of this century. The ContinuuMini exploits all this rich history and development to become the latest iteration in Hakan Audio's unique product line.


Over the years many varied artists from around the world have discovered the beautiful experience that the Continuum can deliver. It has an amazing acoustic like experience that really opens the door for countless types of outstanding musical expression. In a symbiotic partnership, this expressive blending of sound engine and playing surface has inspired many musicians over the years to create amazing performances, musical compositions and soundscapes. See what some of our Continuum owners say here…


The video below Loopop, see his fantastic youtube channel here. is a good introduction to the Continuum Fingerboard and the EaganMatrix.  Many more details can be found in the Continuum User Guide download here and the EaganMatrix User Guide; we will also have the ContinuuMini User Guide available soon!


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