July 14, 2017

Release notes for Version 8.50 Continuum Editor and Firmware are available here.

This Editor and firmware is recommended for all Continuum Fingerboards with the internal sound engine.  If your Continuum is already running firmware 8.50 or later, no need to update firmware after you install the Editor from the proper bundle below.

  • If you update firmware, it will overwrite the presets currently in your Continuum. If you need to retain your existing presets, save them to disk using your existing Continuum Editor before updating.

  • If you have been updating your Continuum and it is running Firmware 7 or later, the update to Version 8 will be a simple two-step procedure.  Please see Section 11 of the Continuum User Guide included in the Mac and PC bundles below.

  • If your Continuum is running very old firmware (more than four years old — before version 7), please contact Haken Audio for a one-time update procedure. When you contact Haken Audio, let them know which firmware version is currently in your Continuum.

  • (Windows only) When you download this 8.50 Editor and run it the “Continuum Editor 8.50.exe” the first time, Windows will ask about it wanting access to “network” resources.  The Continuum Editor uses this “network” mechanism for talking to Pablo’s Pitch Table Editor (which is not really on the network at all, it is local on your computer); it is only communication within your computer between those two programs. Normally you should select “yes” when it asks if the Editor can do that. If you say “no”, everything will work except for the Pitch Table Editor options in the Cogwheel menu.

  • Firmware Update File 1 will take about an hour.  Make sure your computer does not sleep, shut down, or otherwise get bored during that long time, while you go and have a coffee and a nice walk.  If you come back and it is not happy, please send Haken Audio the Max Console so we can figure out what happened.  (Hit control-shift-M to get the console window within the Editor, then control-a to select all, then control c and paste that into an email).

Mac Bundle (298 MB) – ZIP file which contains a Disk Image (DMG). The Disk Image includes the Continuum Editor application and all associated files in a folder called Continuum Editor. The ZIP should self extract. Double click on the .dmg file to open the disk image. Drag the enclosed Continuum Editor folder to your preferred location.

PC Bundle (285 MB) file which includes firmware, User Guides, Continuum Editor, Pitch Tables Editor, and EaganMatrix Presets. When you run the Continuum Editor the first time you may be warned it uses the network, because of the way it talks to the Pitch Tables Editor; both these programs run on your computer, and do not access anything else.  Also, some Windows platforms will give a message about missing DLLs; fix this by running Microsoft’s “install missing DLLs.exe” included in the same directory as the Continuum Editor.