User Guides 

Continuum User Guide  download optimized pdf (7 MB)

The Continuum Fingerboard is discussed in detail in the Continuum User’s Guide.  The Guide includes introduction sections about the purpose, history, hardware, accessories, and variety of playing techniques of the Continuum Fingerboard.  The Guide also includes extensive information about the Continuum Editor, a cross-platform program to let you see and modify the configuration of your Continuum.

EaganMatrix User Guide  download optimized pdf (5 MB)

The EaganMatrix is the novel synthesizer built into the Continuum Fingerboard.  The EaganMatrix allows you to create the tight audio feedback loop that makes Continuum playing so special.  The EaganMatrix User Guide describes the EaganMatrix’s components and how to edit them.

If you are looking for introductory videos for EaganMatrix editing, you might check out Richard Kram’s youtube channel.