Processing Power and System Identifier

The Full-size and Half-size Continuum Fingerboard’s internal processing power can be augmented with a Continuuum EaganMatrix Expander (CEE).  The Standard Full-size and Half-size have a System Identifier L2x, meaning “Light Action with Double-speed Processor.”  Augmented by the Continuum EaganMatrix Expander the Full-size and Half-size have a System Identifier L6x, meaning “Light Action with Three Double-speed Processors.”  The ContinuuMini is only available as M2x, meaning “ContinuuMini with Double-speed Processor.”  Other identifiers exist for older model Continuums that are no longer sold by Haken Audio, such as C1x meaning “Classic Action with Single-speed Processor,” or L5x meaning “Light Action with one Single-speed Processor and two Double-speed Processors;” these are not included in the table below.