CONTINUUM EaganMatrix Expander (6x DSp)

Internal DSP expansion that triples the processing power of the EaganMatrix. New Continuum Fingerboards incorporate a 2x DSP (2x indicates twice the processing power of older Continuum Fingerboards with 1x DSP). The EaganMatrix Expander option increases this to 6x DSP. This is available for the Half-size and Full-size Continuum Fingerboard only, not for the ContinuuMini.


  • Price is for purchase with a Continuum Fingerboard direct from Haken Audio; free shipping within North America — International customers responsible for customs/import duties — European customers please purchase from European sources (Schneidersladen in Berlin, Modular Square in Paris, etc).

  • Haken Audio can install the EaganMatrix Expander (6x DSP) into any Light Action Continuum Fingerboard with 2x DSP that was manufactured in recent years, but you will be responsible for shipping costs to and from Haken Audio.


The Continuum Fingerboard contains a single 2x DSP (Digital Signal Processor), which computes the internal sounds. Haken Audio’s Continuum EaganMatrix Expander (6x DSP) provides two more 2x DSPs for sound computations, thereby tripling the polyphony of EaganMatrix presets. This increased polyphony is especially useful for EaganMatrix presets that require polyphony greater than the number of fingers simultaneously touching the surface, such as percussive sounds with releases that continue long after the finger is lifted from the playing surface.


In addition to polyphony expansion for a single preset, the 6x DSP also provides the ability to have two or three different presets loaded simultaneously. The presets may be played with Split, or with Sequential advance to another preset (using a foot pedal) when notes from the previous preset are still held, or with Layering. While these multi-preset capabilities may seem important, the primary use of the 6x DSP is to expand computation power for single preset; split and layering is much less important for most Continuum players than for Midi keyboard players, because the primary way to affect timbre on the Continuum is by changing playing style and not by changing presets.

EXTERNAL EaganMatrix Expander (xCEE)


In the past, Haken Audio sold an external rack-mountable EaganMatrix Expander. This “xCEE” is no longer being manufactured, because Continuum players much preferred the newer internally-installed DSP expansion described above.