Continuum Stand

Creative Design Meets Structural Integrity!



The Continuum Stand holds the Continuum Fingerboard in an completely stable fashion, allowing for the user’s playing techniques to transfer directly to the playing surface without a traditional stand’s unwanted lateral and vertical movements.  On stage or in the studio, the Continuum Stand’s  striking appearance is unforgettable.


Full-size Stand: $1870.00

Half-size Stand: $1760.00

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The steel components are factory powder coated. The other components are aluminium rods which are machined and clear coated. The Continuum Stand is solid.



The stand places the Continuum playing surface at adjustable angles of 0 degrees, 12.5 degrees, or 25 degrees (the default), very important to fully exploit the three dimensional playing aspects of the Continuum.




The Continuum Fingerboard is held on the stand by a custom fitted plate, which locks around the foot of the instrument to securely hold it in place.



Cut-away sections on either side of the stand allow for easy access to the Continuum’s digital audio AES3, AC power, audio and Midi connectors. Recessing the Continuum’s connection area allows for protection of cable placement and contributes to a neat cabled appearance.



Aluminium support rods behind the Continuum on two separate levels increase the stand’s rigidness. They also allow for great flexibility in placing ancillary equipment on the stand



The base of the Continuum Stand allows for ample clearance for comfortable feet placement. Pedals can be positioned against the front of the base to prevent pedal movement during performance. Strategically placed custom non-skid feet add to overall stability.

Continuum Stand Specifications

The Continuum stand is available in both full-size and half-size versions.


Full Size                                                            Half Size
Stand weight: 44 kg (97 lb)                             Stand weight: 38 kg (84 lb)
Shipping weight: 58 kg (128 lb)                      Shipping weight: 51 kg (112 lb)