ClinOsc 01
This sound example exploits a musical hocketting feature that is a result of a long release value in combination with the delay parameter. This effect can be heard on the main melody line. The other additional layer is an ostinato that has been processed externally through the PSP85.

ClinOsc 02
This multi layered music example was performed using the Continuum Fingerboard's Internal Sound Clinical Oscillator. The Clinical Oscillator is the exclusive sound source, which has been mulitracked and processed in various ways via Logic Pro 9.


Clinical Oscillator


The Clinical Oscillator instrument is a digital representation of a classical audio oscillator, implemented as a digital summation formula (DSF). The oscillator is variable from a sawtooth wave to a square wave, albeit with exponentially decaying harmonics. The Clinical Oscillator has dynamically controllable high frequency content.

The tone of the oscillator was meant to be as pure as possible, and is a fantastic polyphonic source for further processing through traditional analog gear.

Other Internal Sounds