Feedback String


The Continuum Fingerboard's feedback string instruments use a feedback filter and a convolution body to simulate the action of a string and the resonant and tone of an acoustical body. Additionally in the Feedback String a feedback accentuation has been created so that harmonic centres can resonate with more energy than was originally created at the start of a note. This imitates the acoustical resonance loop that is prevalent in instruments like amplified electric guitars, without the colouration of the acoustical space or amplifiers.

The harmonic feedback mechanism in the Feedback String sound will resonant at the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd harmonic, depending on finger positioning in the Y direction. Z depth will control the amount of resonance. As well, where a finger initially touched the surface in the Y direction can cause an octave shift in the initial pitch to the first harmonic, resulting in substantially more energy at that harmonic, allowing for the ability to create long, singing, resonant tones (and the ability to overload the modelled system when played indiscriminately!).

Like the other physical modelled instruments in the Continuum Fingerboard, the string instruments in the Continuum Fingerboard are not designed to emulate a particular instrument per se, but are created to be an evocative unique musical experience in their own right.

The examples below were performed using the Continuum Fingerboard's Feedback String exclusively.

Latitude Zero

Other Internal Sounds