Change Log for Version 6.xx


6.00 (November 16 2013)

Support for the EaganMatrix Expander
23 New System Presets
EaganMatrix Oscillator
New mode: Expose Phase
Shape Generator
New mode: Phase from Amplitude
BiqMode and BiqBank:
New mode: 48 Resonances
New Module Names
Spectral Manipulator and SineSpray
Domain option in Formula
The Ancillary Formula Mechanism now has a Domain option, so it can affect just one formula component.
Midi Clock
Midi clock can be referenced in the Ancillary Formula Mechanism.
Y-Dependent Instant Round Pedals
Two new switch pedals will turn on Instant Round (Round Rate 127) for fingers at low or high Y position:
ESI MidiMate II
The Editor will automatically detect the ESI MidiMate II, and automatically connect without any configuration required.
Additional Editor Improvements
Click on the Overload Protect indicator to enable or disable overload protection.
The Editor’s System Preset popup now lists the Internal Sound Number for each preset.
The Z Encoding allows you to select Channel Pressure.
This is the last firmware update that requires manual power cycle.
Bug Fixes
Save Preset Group now works reliably.
Fixed bug associated with a Midi connection that is not listed in the MidiPorts.txt file.
Avoid Midi-USB interface problems for drivers that have short queues during firmware loads.
Identified problem on some pre-2011 macs running OSX: a powered hub may be required for the USB-Midi interface.