Change Log for Version 5.xx

5.50 (April 16 2013)

Preset Changes
Removal of vestigial SysEx from preset files.

5.50 (April 07 2013)

Editor Change
The Editor now works with Midi interfaces that have short output queues, such as MOTU interfaces.

5.50 (March 26 2013)

Editor Change
Change to Editor so that port settings are remembered on relaunch.


Internal Sounds
16 new internal sounds.
Matrix Redesign
The new matrix has 3 banks of 8 columns each. In the new third bank are granulators, delays, and CVC outputs. This three bank configuration allows for such combinations as 2 granulators and a biqBank or 2 biqBanks and a granulator.
GrainSilo "I" column is changed to a “predefined timbre element” menu. There are additional new timbre elements in 5.50.
Delay Improvements
Delay data can be by-voice, or shared with all voices, or directly influencing a formula. This expanded control delay can be many seconds long. Nyquist filtering is available on input to Delay; an indicator shows if it is in use. Delays now have taps, in addition to the main delay output. Taps feed into the matrix on their own rows, or into the W section of formulas. The delay time choices are now 50ms * 2^n. This filter is useful for long (subsampled) delay times. The H column previously in the GrainSilo has moved to the Delay module. This H (Hold) value is used to stop and start delay input updates.
Added an integrator to the Oscillators, to get 1/n spectral harmonic falloff. This makes it possible to get a sawtooth spectrum and other spectrums.
Master Section
There are now two convolutions instead of one. One is placed in series before the reverb, and the other is after. There are now more response choices for convolution, with the ability to morph between up to 4 convolution responses. A mix control balances between between processed (saturated-convolved-reverb-convolved) and unprocessed samples. Master Section’s processed samples (a "submix”) can feed back into the matrix for additional control.
Formula Improvements
New W feature, “if voice 1”, useful in combination with submix processing in the matrix. New W feature, “from voice 1”, paves the way for xyz "modifier finger" possibilities.
Other Changes
  • Added a 5th Shape Generator. The additional SG can be useful in tap length modulation in Delay modules.
  • Improved the noise generator to sound even better.
  • Global option for outputting the current configuration whenever it changes, even if Editor not connected (for 3rd party devices).
  • Added surface configuration strip options for Release Round (values 2 and 3 at Round Initial).
  • Added Y Midi encoding option to transmit Y value without shelving at minimum and maximum Y values.
  • Internal communications now avoids sysex, making Continuum Editor communications more reliable.
  • Retired “channel pressure” as a choice for Z encoding.
  • Added support for future increases in firmware image size.
  • Much larger log message storage is used for Profile option, if reverb is turned off.
  • New messages that appear in Editor: “Turn on your CVC” and “AES3 Sync Failure”
  • Doubled length of SineBank’s table to improve performance at low notes; see User Guide for low note suggestions.
  • The three cc columns in the matrix have been dropped.


Various bug fixes, and fixes to Timbre Morph and Sonogram internal sounds.


Internal EaganMatrix Presets
Number of internal presets sounds increased from 18 to 66. New sound designs using non-linear feedback filtering for wind physical models, granular sounds based on predefined timbre data, and sounds which take advantage of the other new design options available in 5.30.
Multipurpose Banks
New banks SineBank and BiqMode. GrainSilo has added ability to read predefined sample data.
New Filter Slopes
Original 6 db / Octave now augmented with, 12, 18, and 24 db / Octave variations.
Filter Audio Rate Modulation
Added ability to modulate frequency and bandwidth of filters at full sample rate.
Shape Generator Phase
In addition to Formula phase modulation, constants of 90, 180 and 270 degrees added.
Selective mapping of individual barrels for NSEW influence added.
AES Input
More tolerant reporting of AES rate at 96 khz.


Additional Presets
14 new presets in addition to the 10 new presets released in 5.20
Loading and saving is now quicker.
Bug Fix
Pedal values now stored correctly in saved presets


We have created follow-on update 5.25 to try to correct a problem some users experienced in opening Presets and/or downloading Update File 2. If you already are running 5.20 and everything is working for you, no need to download this 5.25 version. If you load the 5.25 firmware using the 5.25 Editor and still have problems, please email screen prints of the three Editor pages (Global page, Map page, and Continuum page) as well as a Profile and a short description to Thanks for your persistence and patience in resolving problems.
Eagan Matrix - W Zone
Added the ability to restrict the X range of the triggering of a W value.
Bug Fix
Editor modified to avoid problems experienced by some users in Open Preset and/or Firmware Update File 2. Firmware includes additional information in Profile, to help Haken Audio track down these problems.
Known issue
Setting of pedal value in a stored preset will have the value revert to zero when recalled from disk.


New Filing System: Presets And Preset Groups
Preset Files now contain only a single preset, and the file name is the preset’s name. Preset Group Files specify a group of Preset files for Internal User Preset Slots. This new filing system makes it much easier to organize and share files with other Continuum users. Older archive files (which contain a number of preset files) can still be opened, but the Editor no longer saves in the old format.
Drag-and-drop files from the Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows)
Drag-and-drop into the Continuum Editor includes: Open Preset, Open Preset Group, Store to Internal User Preset Slot, and Update Firmware.
Performance Features
Three new time-based Mono modes complement the existing three pressure-based Mono modes: retrigger at new finger touch, retrigger at new touch and at lift, and no retrigger.
New global option preserves existing performance parameters when opening presets.
Midi input pedals are now scaled to the Pedal Min..Max range just like Ped1 and Ped2. Round Switch and Instant Round are obsolete, instead use PedMin..PedMax with RndRate.
External Note Mode (like the ribbon control of the Yamaha CS80 but on steroids) is now in the menu with No Note Output.
Editor Keyboard Shortcuts
Command+O for Open Preset File, and Command+S for Save Preset File. Command+L for Large Window (toggle visibility of Description and EaganMatrix). Command+1..9 for Load from Internal User Preset Slot, Shift+1..9 for Store.
EaganMatrix Keyboard Shortcuts
Typing a..o, w..z, 1..9, or .01 .. .99 changes the selected matrix point, and Delete removes it. Escape deselects the matrix point and shows the Description.
EaganMatrix Editing Improvements
Points in the EaganMatrix may be dragged (moved or copied) to a new location. Barrel graphic style may be specified in the Description, along with the barrel name text.
EaganMatrix Formulas
The new Ancillary Formula mechanism provides a variety of ways to combine formulas: A x B, |A| x B, (1/A) x B, A + B, A^B, logB(A), A mod B, A quant B, min(A,B), max(A,B).
Maximum Persistence time is now 5x longer.
Effect of X Octave Trim is now 5x greater.
EaganMatrix and CVC
If matrix has no formulas in the CVC columns, "standard" four voice CVC control is used. If the matrix has formulas only in the first four CVC columns, EaganMatrix four voice CVC is used. If the matrix has formulas in more than the first four CVC columns, EaganMatrix two voice CVC is used.
Bug Fix
Global FineTune no longer moves rounded finger position. Removed the possible accidental detonation of the Continuum's internal nuclear generator caused by substandard Midi interfaces.


New predefined (and editable) EaganMatrix sounds.
New granular synthesis modules.
Additional mouth shapes for vocal filter.
Extended time delay bandwidth.
Absolute value, square and dynamic modulo capabilities in formulas.
Relative values for X and Y available in formulas.
Formulas can be influenced by voice number.
Barrel indicators in EaganMatrix formula thumbnails.
Playing surface may be split into EaganMatrix and CVC regions.


Dramatic new internal programmable synthesizer specifically designed for the Continuum Fingerboard.
Expanded suport for the Kenton Mini Controller.
Further optimizations and increased functionality.

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