Change Log for Version 4.xx


Internal Sounds
Cool new internal sounds: Four Point FM, Rosin Oscillator, Tuned Reverb
Suport for the Kenton Mini Controller. Min/Max settings for Pedal inputs.
Optimizations to sensor scanning, improving performance with Midi and Internal Sounds.
Continuum Editor
Refined graphics, seamlessly integrating with the Continuum Fingerboard’s ever-expanding collection of performance parameters.
Support for archiving/retrieving Continuum configuration data to/from disk files.
Improved firmware update process.
Integration with the Kenton Mini Controller.


Various bug fixes.


Internal Sounds
Cool new internal sound: Mouth String
Two varieties of improved Clinical Oscillators, with extended brightness range and delay options. Functionality
Round Rate now has a new feature: Round in Release Only.
Surface configuration option "Middle C" has been changed to take a Midi note number.
Single touch load of configurations from surface.
Continuum Editor
Improved and simplified Continuum Editor Midi connections.
The Continuum Editor now has internal Continuum data routing matrix on the main Editor page.
CVC part of Editor integrated into main Editor page.
The Continuum Editor indicates values that are controlled by Kyma connection, when Kyma is active.
Firmware updates now only involve one file.
Kyma Sounds can modify Continuum configuration and Editor display simultaneously using MIDI channel 14 controllers.
Kyma bend and controllers are now reset if they change during Kyma connection.


Internal Sounds 32 voice bug fix.
Corrections to the User Guides.
Graphical fixes in the Editor.
New naming conventions for firmware data files.


Significant additions to the Internal Sound collection. Numerous minor additions and fixes.


Fixed the Pitch Shifter with pitch detector so that the sound loads correctly.