CVC Features

Ultra Fast Communications
The CVC is built around i2c chips which communicate directly with the Continuum at 400kHz data rate.

High Resolution
Unprecedented pitch bend support of 8 octaves (96 half steps pitch) at full Continuum output resolution (1 cent), with 16 bit DA converters on all individual control voltage outputs.

Output Filtering
The Continuum updates parameters at a much higher rate than a standard keyboard. Finger pressure update rate is so fast that the updates can make an audible pitch on a standard Midi-CV, requiring external filtering. The CVC has been designed with this in mind, and as such requires no external filters for noise suppression.

Midi Data Playback
The CVC can output control signals originating from data fed to the Continuum's Midi input. This allows a Continuum performance to be captured and played back from a Midi sequencer into the CVC.

Depending on your analog synthesizer, you will have particular preferences for voltage ranges of each output on your CVC. The CVC can switch between different voltage set ups at any time through special interaction with the Continuum playing surface or the Continuum Editor. The Continuum Editor also allows the creation of custom setups.

Each of the CVC's 16 control voltage outputs has a user programmable formula. These formulae are derived from continuous input combinations of the four main performance parameters of a Continuum note: The Gate, the X (left to right), the Y (front to back), and the Z (finger pressure) values.

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