Edmund Eagan

This multicycle oscillator sound utilizes a feature on the Continnum called Initial velocity, which is similar to a standard velocity information from a traditional Midi source. Initial velocity is a good measurement of finger force on the Continuum surface. By creating a sample and hold that is initiated by a KeyDown, this value can be extracted for use in Kyma. In this Sound I've used that value to modify the index point in a CrossfadingMulticycleOscillator, and to increase the release time of an amplitude envelope. These two parameters are also modifiable via KeyTimbre. Overall amplitude is also available through standard Continuum KeyVelocity. The sound has two oscillators which detune more as the Initial KeyVelocity value increases. As well, the MidiVoice is run through Short Crossfilter, which is recaptured depending on the vaules of cc13 and cc14. I've mapped those to Midi controllers to the Lemur.