Danny Hahn - Neokitsch

A link to the Vimeo Continuum Group started by Danny Hahn.

For more information about Danny Hahn and his diverse, inspiring and interesting musical projects, visit Neokitsch.

Danny's thoughts on the Continuum...

"I was very impressed by the design when I first heard of the Continuum, as I could immediately see the great potential this instrument possessed. The main interest I had was in continuous pitch capabilities. Since I am a Theremin player and have collaborated with Lydia Kavina and the Ether Festival at the London Southbank, I was familiar with pitch and volume controls in this manner, and I learned a great deal from other musicians dealing with these kinds of instruments. The Continuum has brought many new possibilities to my compositions, as it allows much more flexibility with musical articulations than a conventional keyboard. Only sophisticated instruments such as the violin allows a rich and free platform for texture and expression similar to the Continuum Fingerboard. Unlike the piano for example, the Continuum can play quarter tones and glissandos, but most importantly, it allows you to use vibrato and varying dynamics on a single note. While the attack of a note determines the volume on a piano, the soft surface Continuum responds to pressure, so you can have crescendos and diminuendos. I have used the Continuum for my music scores for feature mainstream films and independent cinema, and it has always been a huge success with film companies who are looking for contemporary, commercial sounds, as well as the avant-garde."