From the composer: I wanted to share my simple piece as a rather extreme example of what the Continuum can do right out of the box in the hands of someone who is a total beginner. In brief, I played french horn in my youth, but basically stopped about 25 years ago when work and kids started taking all my time. I dabble for fun at a few instruments, but have never played guitar, or piano or taken a single keyboard lesson. This is also my first experience with Midi and with digital synths.

I use Kyma, an older Dell, and the Continuum. In most cases I lay out a basic background track on the software Mixcraft, then improv along with it, recording at the same time, usually using a single finger. As I recall, this track is a single KYMA "sound" on a timeline. It was my second take with this combination. I'm not much of one for "practicing"!

The continuum is so capable it allows me as a total amateur to express myself musically. Here I tried to draw inspiration from two of my favorite sources: Music of India and birds.