December 2016

What's new for the Continuum Fingerboard community


Firmware version 8.00

Firmware 8.00 is the latest and greatest version of the Continuum firmware. There have been many improvements included in this release. Even more improvements are coming in the near future!

System Presets

Even More Ways to Play the Continuum

Pitch Trim

Y-Based Rounding

New Formula Features

Matrix Additions

Pitch Table Editor (PTE)

Equal Pedal

New User-requested Features:

Support for Lowpower Bluetooth Midi:



New DSP Engine

Increased processing power is now available with a 2x DSP Board in new Continuums, along with DSP expansion possibilities.

New Capabilities

NAMM 2017

Superbooth 2017


Perfect Circuit

ContinuuCon 2017


Long-time Continuum Owners Open Their Doors in LA and NYC

Continuum Users Group