November 2013

New Hardware!

Intoducing the Continuum EaganMatrix Expander (CEE)


Haken Audio’s Continuum EaganMatrix Expander (CEE) provides increased polyphony for EaganMatrix sounds. The EaganMatrix Expander triples the computation power of the Continuum Fingerboard, thereby tripling the polyphony of EaganMatrix sounds. This increased polyphony is most useful for EaganMatrix sounds that require polyphony greater than the number of fingers simultaneously touching the surface, such as percussive sounds with releases that continue to sound after the finger is lifted from the playing surface.


In addition to this increased polyphony, the EaganMatrix Expander also provides balanced analog audio outputs and localized i2c connections to the other Continuum Fingerboard accessory, the Continuum Voltage Converter. The EaganMatrix Expander can be used as a desktop device, or mounted in a standard 19 inch rack using the optional rack ears.


The EaganMatrix Expander is only used in conjunction with the Continuum Fingerboard, and will not operate as a stand-alone device.

A video example of the EaganMatrix in action can be found here.


New Firmware version 6.00

New System Presets


Firmware 6.00 includes 23 new EaganMatrix System Presets handcrafted by Edmund Eagan. A video demonstrating some of these new sounds will be online at Haken Audio soon. In addition, the Pluck Tine specialty sound is now available again.

New Mode for EaganMatrix Oscillator: Expose Phase


Expose Phase will output the oscillator’s internal phase value. This is equivalent to a non-bandlimited sawtooth. The oscillator’s phase value is a sum of 7 detuned phase generators. The resulting sound is similar to the layered sound of mutiple detuned saw tooth oscillators.

New Type of Shape Generator: Phase from Amplitude


The existing Single Cycle and Continuous Cycle SGs are Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs), with Frequency and Trigger input columns in the matrix. In contrast, the new Phase from Amplitude SGs are Low Frequency Waveshapers (LFWs), with a Phase input column in the matrix.

Phase from Amplitude SGs can be used to implement an amplitude follower. Connect the audio-rate signal to be followed to the SG’s P column. Then select this SG in a formula, select a Ramp SG shape, and adjust the formula's persistence and interpolation controls for smooth following.

Extended BiqMode and BiqBank: 48 Resonances


The existing BiqMode and BiqBank modules have 8 resonances. With the new Extended option, these now have 48 resonances; the Extended BiqMode Amplitude Graphs allow you to specify 48 mode amplitudes, and the BiqBank computes 48 biquad bandpass filters.

New Module Names: Spectral Manipulator and SineSpray

The GrainSilo has been renamed Spectral Manipulator, and the MultiGrain module has been renamed SineSpray. Several matrix columns in these modules have also been renamed, to better reflect their functions.

New Capabilities for the Ancillary Formula Mechanism


The Ancillary Formula Mechanism now has a Domain option, so it can affect just one formula component. Also, incoming Midi Clock can be referenced in the Ancillary Formula Mechanism; this can be used to synchronize envelopes, delay times, or adjust timbral parameters according to the performer’s tempo.

Y-Dependent Instant Round Pedals

Two new switch pedals will turn on Instant Round (Round Rate 127) for fingers at low or high Y position:

cc18 on ch 16: instant round for finger y < .5

cc19 on ch 16: instant round for finger y > .5

This pedal functionality is available for the Continuum’s pedal jacks, when InstRnd is selected in the Editor. This functionality was requested by Mark Smart.

ESI MidiMate II

The Editor will automatically detect the ESI MidiMate II, and automatically connect without any configuration required. The MidiMate II is an attractive USB-Midi interface, but it will only work with Continuums running firmware version 6.00 and later.


Additional Editor Improvements

The Overload Protect indicator can be enabled or disabled for overload protection.

The Editor’s System Preset popup now lists the Internal Sound Number for each preset.

The Z Encoding allows you to select Channel Pressure.

In the future, when you update your version 6.00 firmware to a later firmware number, your Continuum will automatically power cycle after Update File 1. This is the last firmware update that requires manual power cycle.

Available now!

Version 6.00 firmware is available for free in the resources section of the Haken Audio site. Before using the new firmware we recommend you check out the newly-revised user guides for the Continuum, EaganMatrix, EaganMatrix Expander, and CVC.

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