December 2012


New firmware!

We are pleased to announce a new firmware version for the Continuum Fingerboard, version 5.30.

Internal EaganMatrix Presets


The number of carefully crafted internal preset sounds has dramatically increased from 18 to 66. Included in these new sounds are designs using non-linear feedback filtering for wind physical models, granular sounds based on predefined timbre data, and sounds which take advantage of the other new design options available in 5.30. An audio example that uses a selection of these new sounds can be found here.

Multipurpose Banks


There are new banks, named BiqMode and SineBank. BiqMode is a filter bank which helps in the creation of physically modelled sounds. SineBank is a 16 oscillator bank which can be used as an additional oscillator resource. In addition, the GrainSilo now has added ability to granulate predefined timbre data, such as wind, brass, reed, drum, and bell sources.

New Filter Slopes


The original 6 db per octave filters have now been augmented with 12, 18, and 24 db per octave variations, bringing a total of 28 filter possibilities for each filter.

Filter Modulation

Version 5.30 features the added ability to modulate frequency and bandwidth of filters at the full sample rate.

Shape Generator Phase


In addition to formula-based phase modulation, the useful constants of 90, 180 and 270 degrees are available.



There is now selective mapping of individual barrels for NSEW influence, increasing the felxibility of this useful master controller.

AES Input

More tolerant reporting of AES rate at 96 khz. Boring but now you know.

Bug Fixes

The usual squashing routine continues. Thanks to all for your useful input!

Version 5.30 firmware is available for free in the resources section of the Haken Audio site. Before using the new firmware we recommend you check out the newly-revised user guides for the Continuum, EaganMatrix, and CVC.

Join the Continuum User Group!

ScreenShot20120708at115308AMThere is a Yahoo group related to all things Continuum. This is a great place to interact with other Continuum owners and Haken Audio's Lippold and Ed. We encourage you to be a part of this by joining:

Haken Continuum Yahoo Group

We'd like to get your input on the forum!

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