July 2012


New firmware!

We are pleased to announce a new firmware version for the Continuum Fingerboard.

ScreenShot20120708at125828PM1Continuum firmware version 5.20 features a new preset filing system which exploits the Finder (Mac) and Explorer (Windows) to assist the user in creating a custom user library of presets, for either personal use or to share with other Continuum owners.


Numerous additions in firmware 5.20 expand the mathematical language of the EaganMatrix, providing even more sonic design possibilities.


ScreenShot20120709at64635PMThis release also includes 10 new sound designs by Edmund Eagan that highlight the sonic versatility of the EaganMatrix. Find these Preset files in the Archives directory in the 5.20 download.


ScreenShot20120708at125828PM1bKeyboard shortcuts and mouse actions have been added, making the matrix programming experience more efficient. New CVC capabilities expand the versatile control of analog synthesizers through the Continuum Fingerboard.


ScreenShot20120708at125828PM1b1Three new time-based mono modes complement the existing pressure-based mono modes, increasing the expressive options of the Continuum Fingerboard in performing monophonic lead lines.


Version 5.20 firmware is available for free in the downloads section of the Haken Audio site. Before using the new firmware we recommend you check out the newly revised Continuum, EaganMatrix, and CVC user guides.

Join the Continuum User Group!


There is a Yahoo group related to all things Continuum. This is a great place to interact with other Continuum owners and Haken Audio's Lippold and Ed. We encourage you to be a part of this by joining:

Haken Continuum Yahoo Group

We'd like to get your input on the forum!

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