EaganMatrix: Introduction

The EaganMatrix is a modular digital synthesizer, allowing the user to finely craft their musical sound by digitally connecting audio and control modules via a patching matrix. The EaganMatrix synthesizer is internal to the Continuum Fingerboard, utilizing the Continuum's internal DSP engine. No external hardware is required. The synthesizer is edited by using an external cross platform editing program, the Continuum Editor.

EaganMatrixEaganMatrix section of the Continuum Editor program

This matrix is inspired by classical modular matrix patching synthesizers such as the ARP 2500 and the EMS Synthi 100. However, unlike those analog predecessors, the EaganMatrix doesn't use pins to make patch point connections. Instead, a dynamic formulaic equation can be placed inside a selected patch point, replacing that static pin, creating a simple to amazingly complex relationship between the Continuum playing surface and the flow of sound from patch point source to destination. Each three dimensional performance direction of the Continuum playing surface can influence the final result of every single patch point. And there are many, many patch points!

This relatively simple concept is powerful. It harnesses the amazing performance response of the Continuum Fingerboard so that the performer can create nuanced, expressive, dynamic, and totally custom sounds. A User Guide for the EaganMatrix can be found in the downloads section of this web site.