There are a number of source and destination modules available, everything from oscillators and filters to direct formulas. Here is a listing of currently available modules:



• Three flexible summation oscillators, each with controls for frequency, phase, and spectral balance. The oscillators can also act as wave shapers, creating rich harmonic variations to the oscillator input.



• A smooth organic-sounding noise source.



• Two versatile multimode filters, with these inputs: audio to be filtered, frequency, and bandwidth. Possible filters are LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, LowShelf and HighShelf, as well as unity gain BandPass, Notch, and AllPass.



• Two powerful biquad filter banks, which are banks of 8 related but independent biquad filters, with controls for audio input, frequency, frequency spread, bandwidth, bandwidth spread, spectral centre, and spectral weighting. These biquads are the same technology that are used in the current Continuum to create the physical models like the winds and strings. This filters can also act as granular synthesis modules, and as vocal mouth shapes.



• A time delay, with controls for audio input and time. The time delay is suitable for creating chorus and flanging effects, and can be used for echo delays as well.



• Four independent Shape Generators (SGs), each with controls for cycle mode, frequency, and trigger. Available generator shapes are RampUp, RampDown, Pulse, Triangle, Hann, Square, Sine, and SampleAndHold. The SGs have been integrated into the EaganMatrix a unique way, allowing each SG to influence a formula result directly.



• 8 CVC (Continuum Voltage Convertor) outputs. This requires that a CVC be connected to the Continuum to be active.



• 3 independent Midi controller streams for sending formulas to a connected Midi device.



• Output level via formulas.



Also, there are common controls for all voices:
• Reverb control via formulas.
• Convolution body control via formulas.

The output stage incorporates a soft saturation capability, allowing the creation of distortion and overloading effects.